Construction Manager
Construction Management Services
Post Tender Services
BCIN Drawing Services

Construction Manager - Pre Tender Services

  • Work with the design team as the owner’s representative in round table discussions with department managers and consultants and confirm inclusion of all items in final drawings and specifications.
  • Meet with and coordinate all dealer specific supplier required services to the consultant group and confirmation of inclusion in final “For Tender” documentation.
  • Owner’s technical representative on all issues pertaining to code, building department protocol, construction methods and practices.
  • Budgeting to ensure design conforms to financial commitment of consultants prior to actual tender call.

Construction Management Services

  • Interpret plans, estimate costs and quantities of materials needed.
  • Control preparation of cost estimates and the documentation of contract bids.
  • Study building contract documents and negotiate with building owners and subcontractors
  • Execute sub trade contracts for owner signature
  • Deal with any sub contractor details or disputes as owner’s representative.
  • Plan construction methods and procedures
  • Produce/ distribute to all parties/ monitor construction schedule
  • Produce Autograde digital layout of entire site including all site services, grading, curbing, and building location and grades. Downloaded survey available.
  • Expedite/coordinate submittal/approval/distribution of all shop drawings, samples and mock-up for approval/specification confirmation.
  • Coordinate the supply of labour and materials (expediting).
  • Supervise construction sites and direct site managers and subcontractors to make sure standards of building performance detail, quality, cost schedules and safety are maintained.
  • Produce monthly draws and control payments to subcontractors by valuation of completed works.
  • Make sure that building regulations, standards and by-laws are enforced in building operations.
  • Consult with architects, engineers and other technical workers to make sure that design intentions, city requirements and code issues are met.
  • Coordinate all inspections for soils, compaction, concrete, steel, decking, roofing, etc., and distribute to all consultants, building inspectors, owner.
  • Chair, administrate/ document/ distribute construction site meetings and distribute to all consultants, building inspectors, owner.
  • Orchestrate all changes to scope of work, provide all documentation and back up for architectural/ engineering and owner certification.
  • Final accounting reconciliations/ accumulation of all sub trade/supplier legal releases/ holdback distribution.
  • Close out package, including all shop drawing as builts, contact information, warranties and maintenance manuals.

Post Tender Services

  • Any final contract resolution with trades.
  • Any final meetings with City officials/ consultants to clear the file.
  • Administration of additional work requested by Owner.

BCIN Drawing Services

  • Bill 124 Drawing and permit application requirement facilities also available - One Stop Shopping